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15 & 16 Dec 2020 Conference Session Days Open to Fee Paying Attendees Only
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14-Dec 2020 Opening Day Webinar
IEEM2020 Online Quiz Competition & Prizes
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Talk

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17-Dec 2020 Closing Day Webinar
Keynote Panel, Best Paper Awards, Closing Ceremony; IEEM Online Quiz Competition & Grand Prize to Overall Top Scorer

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Note: Program Uses Singapore Standard Time and is 8 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+08:00)

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Opening Keynote, Keynote Panel, Best Paper Awards
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When Session Opens:
14-Dec 2020, 6:45pm
15-Dec 2020, 2:15pm
16-Dec 2020, 2:15pm
17-Dec 2020, 11am